All Murders Matter

This message is clear, and concise, i have thought it through, so In order for us to get a few bad apples in all races to quit debating and changing the narrative, we must be specific and brief. In these few words we manage to verbalize that all we have been asking for is that law enforcement is charged on 100% of accounts for murders and attempted murderers. The legislation should not be granting immunity to law enforcement for murderers. Government can no longer allow appointed citizens anymore to murder cold blooded other tax paying citizens; the few that are cought on video continue to get bail and only terminated from the job, so we know for a fact that there are countless murders by law enforcement taking place regularly that are not being judged With any judicial consequences. #ALLMM All MM All Murders Matter is language we can all use as human beings to recognize with human compassion that law enforcement does not have a right to murder. Thats all we have been saying. Lets stop debating, and start sharing this message together all races. All Murders Matter. #ALLMM

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